Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Happy Pancake Day!

What is delicious and full of blueberries and chocolate chips?

My newest concoction! Blueberry pancakes with dark chocolate chips....

I was so sad that I was going to be unable to have any of the free IHOP pancakes today- yes, that's right, IHOP is having free pancake day today until 10 pm, nationwide. (more details at http://www.ihoppancakeday.com/pancake-day-details.html

And i've been craving pancakes like mad for MONTHS now.

Anyway, having no car I was saddened that I would not be able to partake....then my friend Nick said, "Why don't you just make your own?"
My response was....I'm lazy. I want them to be brought out to me. I want to be surrounded by the scent of sausage without having to have any on my plate....

Then, this morning, I rethought that idea. I thought, damn it, i HAVE the ingredients....let me try and succeed.

And i totally DID!

But wait....

No syrup?

We were out of any regular syrup so i made my own.

A delightful citrus cinnamon syrup.

My breakfast was MAGNIFICENT.

(pictures soon to come)

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